This is truly unlimited bag shooting: simply the best dove hunting in the world.


Early in the morning, after a full breakfast, we will drive to a nearby field. By the time we get there, the birds will be already flying and the guides will be waiting for you with the blinds set. Doves and pigeons will fly all day long providing ample shooting opportunities.

Around midday, we will stop for lunch, usually in the field, but we can return to the lodge if you desire. The midday camp is set with tents and a portable bathroom. Lunch consists of delicious Argentine recipes cooked on site. After lunch, you will continue to shoot through the afternoon. This is truly unlimited bag shooting; simply the best dove hunting in the world.

After the shoot, enjoy a professional massage or cocktails and snacks before dinner is served while sharing the day’s stories with fellow hunters.


This beautiful lodge is located at the foot of the Guasayan Hills. The microclimate creates a lush island of green vegetation in the middle of the dry and semi-arid landscape of Santiago del Estero Province.

This house is truly a hunter’s retreat, with many magnificent trophies exhibited in the living room. It can accommodate up to 11 guests in its 7 very comfortable ensuite rooms. Although the interior of the house is very cozy, the veranda is the meeting point to relax, have a drink and share anecdotes and hunting stories.